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Free New York Teen Permit Practice Test

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New York Permit Test

Preparing to get your New York Department of Motor Vehicles teen driver’s permit is easy.  Take the permit practice test to help you get ready for your trip to the DMV.

Becoming a licensed driver is an exciting step in the lives of many young people.  But learning to navigate the process can be a daunting task.  Bureaucracies like the Department of Motor Vehicles tend to have many steps and details to follow and knowing the procedures ahead of time can help alleviate headaches and frustrations further along the process.

There are several key procedures to know about the provisional permit and getting your license.  Here are the main steps to obtain your driving license in the order that they must be accomplished.

Take a state approved driver education course offered by your high school or college. This step is recommended, but optional.

Apply for your learner permit once you turn 16.

Complete a 5 hour pre-licensing course (if you did not take high school driver education).

Complete 50 hours of supervised practice (if you did not take high school driver education).

Take the road test after holding your permit for 6 months.  You will then hold a Junior Driver’s License.

Convert to a Senior Driver License upon turning 18, or 17 if you have completed a driver education course.

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